How to Store Good Wine?

Wine Storage Singapore

Knowledge of wine storage is very important not only to ensure that wines are stored properly but also to be ready to answer customers’ queries which are often related to storage. Below are the 10 commandments of wine storage that wine advisors are expected to know and understand.

Keep bottles horizontal

This is to ensure corks stay moist, and prevents cork from shrinking and hence leading to oxidation.

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keep wine bottle horizontal, and labels facing up

Keep the labels facing up

  • The sediments will settle on the clear side of the bottle, thus enabling us to judge whether we should really decant the wines or not
  • There will be a lower possibility of damaging the lables
  • It is easier to check the wine stock in the warehouse

Keep them at the right and constant temperature

Ideal storage temperature of wine is between 12°C – 13°C degree celsius. Too warm a temperature will cause the wine to degrade and oxidize. Too cold a temperature will slow down the process of aging where the wine will become more complex. Fluctuating temperatures will cause the air in the Ullage to expand and contract, inducing unwarranted oxidation of the wine through entry of O2 . Please note the difference between storage temperature and serving temperature. Serving temperatures depends on wine types and can vary from 6°C – 19°C.

Keep them at the right humidity

Optimal humidity level is 75%, and please ensures cork stays moist and properly sealed in the bottle.

Avoid exposing them to sunlight or UV light

Such lights degrade organic compounds like tannin, incandescent or sodium vapour lights are better than flourescent lighting

Avoid Odours

Any odours will eventually get into the wine

Avoid vibration

A storage location exposed to vibration would speed up chemical reactions in a wine, causing it to age faster.

Avoid deteriorating wine cork conditions

A spoilt cork will affect the wine through encouraging oxidation or imparting negative flavours to it.

Avoid storing bad wines. Store Only Good Ones

Spoilt wines cannot improve even stored in a very good wine celler.

Avoid over-ageing

It’s a waste drinking a wine over its peak.