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Wine Prices Singapore and Vintage Wine Ratings

From any layman to wine aficionados or connoisseurs, the question often in our mind is How would you determine the value and rate of a bottle of wine and What is the best wine prices available in Singapore.There are actually so many brands and varieties out there available in supermarkets, wine store and online shop.In general, the price of wine is determined by the following factors:-

  • Vintage – wine production quantity of a particular year where supply is limited and increasing in demand by consumers is the key factors that drive prices up for certain vintages.
  • Brand – The price of a bottle of wine has to factor in costs like branding, advertising, research, development, and innovation costsA popular brand that provides trust, confidence with a very strong history of the bottle of wine constitute a higher wine price where its geographic origins recognized the qualities and the demand in the market for the product.
  • Location: The country origin of the wine i.e. France. italy, Germany, USA, Chillie are popular locations for wine production. The key factor for consideration is the land that the grapes are grown as it is a significant factor to determine the flavor of the wine.The mineral content and acidity of the soil, the time of harvest and the pruning methods are also crucial.Certain parts of the world produced better quality and tasting grapes for centuries and the demand for this variety of grapes are higher so the prices of the grapes are worth more.
  • Weather and Climate Conditions The quality of grapes harvest can be very much affected by the weather conditions during that time. The changes in weather and climate can impact limit the grapes grow for that year. It is always unpredictable on the changes in climate and varying weather conditions in different parts of the regions which are the factors making the grapes production unpredictable.
  • Production Methods: By adopting different production process and selecting a different type of barrels to age the wine determine how the wine turns out to be where tastes can be influenced.
  • Packaging The presentation of the wine is another important element of winemaking the packaging in selection on the type of glass bottle, the quality of the cork and the paper quality of the label on the wine.  
    • heavier and thicker glass bottles
    • designer label with finer paper or workmanship.
    • the stopper on the bottle of wine may be made of a finer quality of cork
      • Bark corks (highest quality of cork)
      • Agglomerate corks  (made from compressing smaller pieces of cork bark together
      • Synthetic corks

Extreme Value Wine and Value Wine

Cost : $15-25

The lowest quality tier of wine where winery produces wines that is suitable to the mass market or serve as an introduction wine to armature or beginners wine drinkers that want to have the first taste experience of wine. It is normally in large-scale production that caters for commercial distribution to make it economical in value to consumers.These wines are normally produced from large-scale commercial efficient vineyards and the wines are often a blend of several vintages, several types of grapes from several regions of the country.

Premium Wine to Ultra Premium Wine

Cost: $25–$100

Good, solid quality wines normally with great handmade wines that normally comes from medium to large scale production wineries where these wines are focused in the regions of Europe and Asia. For this category of red wine, they will be normally oak-aged from a medium to large scale sized wineries that grapes are hand harvest.

The super-premium wine category is sort of the entry level for intermediate wine drinkers that had enjoyed drinking wine where they are willing to afford in paying a higher price for a good quality bottle of wine for in-demand wine varieties (i.e. Pinot Noir, 7 miles). It is suitable occasions for serving customers and friends in company functions, corporate events, birthday party, Christmas party and year-end gatherings

Luxury Wine

Cost: $100 to $500

This tier is considered an excellent wine that comes from any of the top wine regions of the world (e.g. France, Germany, Italy, USA) from near-top producers including special and popular vineyard designates where unique aging requirements and limited production in the wine varieties. You will expect to pay a higher cost for a bottle of wine where wine has generally come from prestige winery region

Fine Wine and Vintage Wine Prices

Cost: $500 and above

This category of wine is considered collectors wine where you are able to taste wines from top prestigious wine producers in the world where they have limited stock for a certain year in vintages.These wine may be available in auctions where the quantity is scared and this category of wine could fetch good investment returns.

Boxed wine prices

Prices typically 10% to 15% cheaper a bottle

Typically for one that you get more wine for paying less about four to six bottles in one box. This does not mean that the wine is of lower quality, but rather because boxed wines do not emphasize on the packaging so there is a savings transfer directly back to the consumer where overhead is reduced, savings on packaging, materials and shipping.

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