Tips on Choosing Wines for Your Wedding

While making plans for your wedding, things which are mostly considered are the flowers which you are going to use for decoration, the list of guests you want to invite, the dress you will wear and so on. Along with all these, another thing which matters a lot is the types of wine which you will serve. Ideally, you need to pick that wine which suits the menu of wedding and also makes your guests happy.

Many couples who are planning for the wedding have so much to think about that they could not find enough time to choose the best type of wine for their wedding. They need a guide which they can follow to select the best item. Following are few tips which can help you while purchasing the wine bundle for your guests. Go through them once before going for shopping and keep them in mind.

  • What amount of wine do you need for your wedding reception?

You need to do a little estimate to know what amount of wine will be enough for serving at your wedding reception. Take the estimate of around 6 glasses for each wine bottle and eight glasses for each champagne bottle, poured into the lines. According to a rough idea, if each guest takes about half of a bottle of wine, then you should have a large quantity of wine rather than having a little mass.

If you want to purchase the wine by yourself, look for the sale and return policy offered by the traders at the time of sale. To avoid the wastage of wine, you can ask the waiters to refill the glasses for guests only when they are asked to do so instead of topping up the glasses unnecessarily on the table.

  • Are you allowed to bring wine by yourself by your venue or catering company?

Few venues don’t allow you to bring your own wine but they ask you to choose only from their list. While selecting the perfect wine, taste all the given option during the menu checking before coming to a final decision. You can take a friend with for tasting a wide range of wines if you feel that you are confused in choosing the right one – it will be more fun to do it with folks.

Some catering companies or venues allow you to bring your wine. They will probably charge you the additional corkage fee for that. This is a better option as you will be satisfied with the option you chose by yourself.

  • How to pick wine while considering the season and time of event

If your wedding dates are of the winter season, you should go for the warm and fuller body wines (wines like oak matured Shiraz, Full-bodied Chardonnays, and Cabernet Sauvignon are best).

For summer weddings, go for the light and refreshing varieties of wines like Riesling, Rose, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc or Spanish Garnacha). Likewise, if the event is arranged during the daytime, people will like to have a lighter version of wine. Too alcoholic options may make your guests uncomfortable.

  • How to pick the wine for toast?

It looks ravishing to serve refreshing and sparkling wine for the toast. Most of the people go for the champagne, but there is also a wide range of sparkling wines which you can consider. The sparkling wines from New Zealand, Australia, and US are manufactured in a similar way as the champagnes and are of high quality. The lighter version of sparkling wines is found in Italy and Spain.

  • How to pair the wine with menu?

Either you are planning for lunch or dinner, it is suggested to put at least one white and one red wine in menu. Choosing the food and then pairing the right kind of wine is very important but it totally depends on you that hoe much variety you want and what food contents you want to serve.

So, finally have fun and enjoy well while picking drinks for your wedding ceremony. Make this time special and memorable for your entire life. You can also take help of event managers and party planners to make your wedding an excellent and remarkable event. Get your wedding wine consignment from local wine supplier as a good choice.