Online Wine Store Singapore – You Shop We Delivery 

Wine Delivery Mart provides an online wine store to provide users with the convenience of their home or office to browse and select the wine that they require for their consumptions for their occasions where we had a wide variety of alcohol and wine that you can order from. Apart from our house brand and distributed brand we also have a huge network that we could assist you to shop and locate for your preferred brand and vintage whereby due to scarcity sometimes it is very challenging to source.

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One-Stop Supplier for Alcohol and Wine

We had an experienced team in alcohol and wine trading business where we could provide you with the wholesale price for your order of your alcohol and wine for import, export and local consumptions. We welcome to work with you if you are the owner of hotels, restaurant, pubs, event organizers,  gift company, any corporate or individual that you may need alcohol and wine for your friends, relatives, business partners where you require bulk purchase we will deliver right to your doorstep in Singapore.

Customised In-house Labels for Branding

We also specialise in standard quality and premium quality house pours, which can be supplied in volume together with customised in-house labels, providing another service for clubs, hotels and restaurants wishing to preserve their own individuality.

Alcohol & Wine Bulk Purchase for Events

If you need a third party opinion on the type of alcohol and wine that require for your occasions or event to suit your budget, we are the specialist here to help you where we had experience in supplying wholesale alcohol and wine for the following occasions:

Business and Functions

Private events

 Individual Events
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Corporate Events
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Store Openings
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Wedding receptions
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Graduations Prom Parties
  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Staycation
  • Baby Shower
  • Chinese New Year Party
  • New Year Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Beach Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Boat Parties
  • Chalet
  • Barbeques

We also provide wines for promotions such as “wine of the month” for restaurants and bars with award-winning premium wine and limited addition Premium Reserve Wines.

Special Request

Any additional request or services where you require your alcohol delivered chilled or ice cold we could arrange it for you upon request.

Corporate Request

For business owner, if you require a special packaging with an emboss company logo as corporate gifts, or miniature sets for wine we are able to customise for you

Business Owner Request

We provide loyalty Special discounts if you promote our house brand or sign a contract to supply for your PUB or gifts hamper.

Why you save online order?

You pay for wholesale price if you make an online pre-order and there is

  • No retail shop rental charges
  • No labor charges for sales promoter
  • No 3rd party consignment charges
  • No inventory and storage charges

A portion of the savings shall be rewarded to our customers.

How to Engage and Hire Us?

If you are keen to hire us and have not tasted our house brand wine (7 Miles) you can visit our showroom and enjoy a Free wine tasting experience with just a few simple instructions below.

Contact us instructions

  • Give us a call on our hotline if it is urgent and our customer support is more than willing to assist you or
  • contact us via email or
  • Submit an online request form.

Simply discuss with us and provide us the necessary details e.g. type of occasions, estimated pax and the date of the event and we can give you an estimate quote with no obligations.


Our Wine Services


Do you provide storage for vintage wine?

Yes, at an affordable fee with stipulated terms and conditions ( e.g. air-con, insurance)

Can we have a refund for unconsumed alcohol and wine?

Yes, depends on the agreement. We provide an upfront bulk discount on the agreed MOQ (minimum order quantity) and unconsumed liquor or wine shall be partial refunded.

Alcohol and Wine Delivery Enquiry Form