So What is Ice Wine Actually ?

Ice Wine Singapore

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So What is an Ice Wine?

It actually refers to a kind of wine created from grapes that were picked when frozen. It is brewed from a hundred percent grape juice, making it not only delicious but also extremely high in nutrition value. The good thing about an ice wine is that it is rich in various nutrients and minerals including potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus. This makes the drink effective in enhancing your immune system while also contributing a lot in improving your health.

Nutrition Facts

It’s also a good choice because of its high Vitamin B and C content – all of which can help regulate your metabolism or keep it normal. It also has amino acids that help in dilating blood vessels. Aside from that, regularly drinking ice wine can reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure and protect your cardiovascular system.

Aside from its many health benefits, you will also love the rich and distinctive flavors of ice wines. Plus, they are available in a wide variety, so you will most likely enjoy your somewhat limitless options.

Buying Ice Wines

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