Once you have opened the bottle of wine, the question arises that for how long you can keep a bottle of wine open. Most of the people freak out when it comes to use wine from an already opened wine bottle. Here is a practical guide that can tell you the exact durations for which you can make use of the opened wine bottles, depending on the type of wine present in the bottle.

Still wines

According to the owner of famous wine brand Foxes Island in New Zealand and an international consultant of wine, John Belsham, the most important factor which decides the duration to which wine can last after opening the bottle, is the quality of wine.

Regardless of the procedures which are used to secure the wine from being spoiled, either it is gas injection method or vacuuming the oxygen, if the quality of wine is good, it will persist even the dreadful situations.

The basic thing is that once you have opened the bottle, your wine gets exposed to the atmospheric oxygen which can be in taken by the wine. And that which is absorbed by wine makes a lot of difference as compared to the content which is present in space above the surface of the wine.

White wines

The white wine does not get oxidize fast if it is manufactured well. A half-filled bottle of Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc wine can last without any problem for three to four days if it is of good quality.

The high-quality wine bottles obtained from single vineyards which are filled to the top retain their taste for at least seven days if kept in the refrigerator. Even if it loses the small quantity of its aroma, it will be still palatable. The simple white wines and roses which are produced in a mass quantity work best for two days after the seal is broken.

Red wines

Similar to white wine, the simple red wine retains its texture for three to four days after the bottle of wine is opened. Greater is the toughness of the red wine; more is the quantity of tannin required to protect wine from the absorption of oxygen. Hence, higher is the density of the red wine, more time it will last. For instance, an elegant variety of Beaujolais wine can last 3 to 4 days, while a tough type of wine bottle of southern Rhone or Primitivo can work well 5 to 6 days after being opened.

Sparkling wines

Most of the sparkling wines remain protected because of the sufficient amount of the carbon dioxide which it carries. But, once the bottle of wine is opened, it needs special care and a proper purposed based stoppers that get fixed strongly at the mouth of the bottle and keep it shut for long durations. The co-owner of the famous Italian company “Cantine Ferrari” in Trento, Marcello Lunelli explained about the preservation of sparkling wine’s taste with the help of stoppers and told that it totally depends on the remaining amount of wine present in the bottle of wine after you have opened it for once.

If you have taken out just a glass from the wine bottle, the stopper will keep the texture of wine safe for 3 to 4 days, if the stopper can retain the pressure inside the bottle completely. Close the mouth of bottle firmly so that no air can enter in it. Every moment you open the bottle, you allow the air to enter, and thus you lose pressure.

If the bottle is half filled with wine, the stopper can make the wine’s texture last for just two days. After two days, you will not get the real taste. Wine works well if kept inside the bottle under little pressure even. When you can’t see a stream of bubbles in the bottle of wine, no wonder, this wine is still outstanding. Don’t spill the wine if the bottle has been opened for a long duration; you can use it for making risotto. The acidity which wine still has, pairs perfectly with the sweet food like rice.