Essential Wine Accessories – Fun Wine Tools

If you want to outfit a new hobby of wine dealing, you can learn a lot of things by following the trends set by the experts. Best equipment and accessories are used by many wine professionals and sommeliers which are handiest and required essentially while dealing with the wine. They are readily available in markets, and you may be amazed to find that the high costs and nobility of these products don’t matter much as compared to the practicality.

In contrast to a known point of view, wine professionals and experts don’t belong to elite class only, but they are more practical. They require certain tools which deliver the flawless and efficient services for every customer. Let’s have a look on few of the wine gadgets which may are required in particular for wine dealing.

  • Wine Opener

It is very hard to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. A wide variety of sizes and styles of wine openers are available in market at various prices, ranging from the beginner’s friendly bunny ear style to the professional wine opener choices like the waiter’s friendly.

  • Tasting Notebook

It is hard to believe that this item is very important and carries a huge worth. Human memory is not reliable, especially when you have tasted many types of wines and it is not easy to remember every minor detail. That’s why the tasting notebook is considered an easy way to make notes and keep them with you so that you can look into them whenever you want to.

  • Polishing cloth

Most of the wine glasses are made safe from the cleansing or dishwashing solutions, but this doesn’t mean that they are washed with these solutions most of the time. If you own a restaurant, you get your glasses polished immediately after they are used, but other than that, you need to consider the lint-free polishing cloth for hand cleaning and drying of wine glasses.

These polishing cloths are much efficient in drying the glasses without leaving any fragment of fabric or water spot. Polishing of wine flutes affects the liquor in them. Like, for instance, the champagne doesn’t form the clear stream of bubbles in the glasses which are not polished.

A cheap option is to buy a set of flour sacks. The swankier option is to use an oversized microfiber polishing cloth. These both types of polishing cloths can be used for home as well as for professional purposes.

  • Wine Preserver

Once the bottle of wine has been opened, your wine gets extremely susceptible to the process of oxidation (which means that wine is exposed to oxygen excessively as wine is a unique form of kryptonite). One way of keeping the wine taste well for a long time is to make it safe from exposure to oxygen. And this can be achieved by using some wine preserver which are available in a wide variety. The most famous one is the vacuum pump for pushing the extra amount of oxygen out.

  • A tranquil set of wine glasses

If you have a set of wine glasses, it certainly will make a big difference. In fact, a study done by Scientific American company in Japan revealed that shape of a wine glass affects the way you perceive the flavor of your wine.

Thus, excluding the Nalgene bottles and the old-fashioned sippy cups, there is a variety of wine glasses out of which you can choose the best one. You can pick the stemmed glass or a stemless one, go for the crystal or glass.

According to few experts and wine dealers, if you use stemless wine glasses then they can cause the unseen prints of your finger’s pores on the texture of glass leading to increased heat transfer and affecting the quality of the wine. The downsides of these glasses are also minimal.

Comparing the crystal made glasses with the regular texture of glasses, the crystal made glasses stands by in the quality. The crystal used in the manufacturing of these glasses is better in quality than the usual sandglass, and this makes them stronger, yet they got a thin rim on the surface.

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