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What are your Options Sweet White or Red Dessert Wine?

Do you want to get the best dessert wine offered by wine shops in Singapore? Then you have to look for a place, which provides plenty of options. What are actually the different dessert wines that you can choose from? Let the information in this article be the answer.

Fortified Dessert Wines

Fortified dessert wines are also known as sweet red dessert wine are Madeira, Port and Sherry. Note that they are manufactured by pouring alcohol into still wine. This takes place during the fermentation stage. The adding of alcohol actually stops the fermentation stage by killing yeast and only leaving the unfermented, residual sugar from grapes. This results in a sweet wine with only around 15-20% alcohol content.

If you’re planning to buy a fortified dessert wine Singapore then note that a popular option is the Port, which features a deep red color. It also delivers the ripe and rich flavors of spices, plums and dark berries.

Sparkling Dessert Wines

This is another wine that falls under the category of dessert wines. One thing that you will notice about this drink is that it has a nice sensation plus high acidity, making them less sweet than normal. Tasting different varieties will also cause you to take note of specific grape varieties that smell and taste sweeter than the others.

Dried Grape Wines

This is made of dried grapes, a technique which was used traditionally in Greece and Italy. It involves drying healthy grapes deliberately after harvesting them. This is done with the help of straw mats. Some also hang bunches of grapes from rafters.

This technique helps in dehydrating the grapes then concentrating what is left in the flavors and sugar. Next step is the use of clean, frequently raisin flavors to produce sweet wines. Because it’s sweeter than other wines, it is no longer surprising why it is considered as a dessert wine.

What We Can Offer

There are many types and brands of dessert wines that you can choose from, and each one is ideal for you, provided you prefer a sweeter variety of wine with less alcohol content. Regardless of which brand of dessert wines you choose, rest assured that we can offer it to you. We can even deliver it to you regardless of your location in Singapore.

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