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Argentine is 5th largest wine producing countries in the world in 2014. It is the largest wine country in South America, and it viticulture started during the time of the Spanish colonies, and it developed at the Andes provinces alley around the middle of last century. It has since grown to become the largest producer in South America.

Argentina wine Singapore has historically had a very large domestic consumption due to a population with a European heritage.

Argentine Wine Regions

  • Argentina lies between the Andes mountains on the west and the Atlantic ocean on the east.
  • The Andes blocks off strong wind coming in from the Atlantic Ocean, thus keeping the western part of Argentina dry.
  • Its climate is mainly continental – hot summers and cold winters
  • The main wine region of Argentina are :
    • Mendoza (accounts for 70% of Argentina’s wine production)
    • San Juan
    • La Rioja
    • Rio Negro
    • Catamarca
    • Salta
    • Neuquen

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