Whenever you want to send some presents to a friend who happened to be a crazy wine lover, there are two options which you have. First is to get something to drink which is in this case, is wine and the second option is to give them something which helps them to drink the wine. Here is a short list which includes the best and unique gift options for the wine lovers, especially. They are useful in one respect and also fun in other respect which your friends and family will like hopefully.

  • Handlebar corkscrew and a bottle opener

The handle bar is a mustache shaped corkscrew made by the Fred and Friends comes with a bottle opener. This handle has a high gloss, manufactured with the well-crafted aluminum along with the stainless steel corkscrew.

  • Lily’s home wine holder

One of the most attractive wine accessories is a chain home wine bottle opener. The nickel plated iron made chain creates the most charming illusion where the wine bottle seems to float on the surface of the twisted chain’s grip as the mystical forces collude. This is an idea gift idea for the lovers of fancy wine accessories and ornamental heavy metallic tools. This item can easily be used at home.

Another option is the Lasso wine bottle holder which is made of the chromed iron and is covered with the rope. But, unlike to the chain wine holder, this is dangling one and a rope hanging off to it makes it more magical.

  • Menu wine thermometer

For measuring the temperature of your wine to check the taste of wine, can be done by this device. It gets attached to the bottle like a belt and gives the reading for wine’s temperature instantly on a digital display in Fahrenheit.

  • The strange carafes

It is one of the unique and expensive gifts. It is a stem-like structure which has some branches made of glass, filled with wine. If placed on the table, looks like a decoration piece and in actual, serves as a container for filling the wine glasses with liquor.

  • Winestein

For some people, it is more comfortable to sip wine while others may like to use a mug. Winestein is a tool which works both ways. It is the double layered gadget which is an elegant wine stem inside and a stein on the outer side.

  • EvOlverre: a glass for each drink

This is a type of glass which consists of a pin head but a base with four various types of glasses further. Each type releases specific drink which can be of your choice, like water, cognac, wine, and champagne.

  • Black + Blum Flow wall wine rack

This wine rack made of the brushed stainless steel which is furnished well and works on the phenomenon of flow of liquids. It can be mounted on the wall and has held the capacity of up to 8 wine bottles while taking very small space.

  • Fingerfood

For those who always keep on the wonder that how to balance the wine glass, hors d’oeuvres and an enchanting conversation at the same time, this item can be very helpful. The finger food plate is a little ring like structure which gets fit on your finger and can help you in carrying the snack and the wine glass at the same time, leaving the other hand free.

  • Wine Knot Rack

The wine knot rack can hold seven regular sized wine bottles and one large sized magnum or champagne bottle and can be easily placed in the home kitchen.

  • Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver with Corkscrew

This is a special edition vino which includes corkscrew and a unique wine styled wooden box. The cordless screwdriver works perfectly to remove cork as that the other standard IXO tools work.

  • Hanging metallic wall wine bottle holders

It is a beautiful wall wine holder which is crafted with heavy metal and come sin an antique style bronze rust color.

  • Glass tank

A glass tank is a bulb shaped large container which has a glass at its base. As the amount of wine reduces in the glass, more wine is added to the tank.

  • Wine stopper

It is a very helpful USB shaped device which works to hold wine in the bottle under pressure.

  • Wine rack by Umbra

This is a ribbon-shaped tool which can be rolled and fastened anywhere to form a fascinating wine rack having a holding capacity of 7 wine bottles.

  • Blomus wine rack

The blomus wine rack is a compact and stylish wine holder which is made of the stainless steel and can hold bottles in a vertical position.