Whenever you visit a wine tasting event, there are some tips which need to be kept in mind an approach given below, is considered as the best way to attend any big event of wine tasting. Let’s have a look at the top ten tips:

  1. Dress up for the event

Prefer dark colored dresses to wear as they can hide the spots of wine spill. Avoid wearing hanging sleeves and shirts, and go through the dress code mentioned at the invitation or event broachers. Women should avoid high heels and long scarfs to remain comfortable while attending the event.

Tie your hair up to avoid getting your wine glass spilled away. Don’t carry anything in your hand like wallet or purse, a notebook or a smartphone, or anything else. Use a large purse or a deep pocket to keep the stuff in it. You will have a wine glass in your one hand, that means you are left with just one hand to hold your plate on food, and to shake hands with people.

  1. Avoid wearing fragrance

While tasting the wine, smell plays very important role and it becomes hard to judge the wine’s smell when the atmosphere of tasting area is filled with heavy layers of perfumes and aromas.

  1. Make a plan for tasting

There are a variety of wines you want to taste in just a few hours, so you need a plan to look for the best one. A basic plan while tasting wine is that start with the lighter wines and then go for the heavier ones. Start with sparkling ones, then go for the fresh whites and to richer whites and the tannic reds.

The principle is to taste the classics and look for the unfamiliar, prefer visiting the places which attract other wine checkers even if it doesn’t catch your attention. In this way, you will understand the difference of choices.

  1. Eat something

If you drink wine with an empty stomach, you may get impaired quickly and could not enjoy rest of the party. So take a break, and keep eating something along with wine. Water works best to avoid dehydration.

  1. Don’t forget to spit

If you want to enjoy the entire event and have an experience of tasting the whole variety, another best way to avoid being getting spoiled is to spit the wine as you go tasting further. Don’t be shy and use the buckets placed near the tables for spitting. If there is the rush of people around the bucket, you can take an another sip of wine.

  1. Take notes

As you do the wine spitting repeatedly, by the end of the event, you would not be able to remember the names and tastes of the wine brands you have gone through. So, don’t forget to bring a piece of paper and a pen to take notes of what you are tasting. You can take pictures of wine bottles with the camera too, to keep a note of the wine brands you like the most.

  1. Think about the red-wine teeth problem

Drinking too much red wine has a side effect. Unfortunately, it leaves stains on your teeth. You need to think about that how you can handle this problem as you certainly don’t want to leave the party with the red or purple-tinged smile. Brush your teeth soon after attending the event; it will protect your gums and enamel too.

  1. Talk to the winemakers

It will be more fun when you keep talking with the owners of wine brands. Spare few moments to talk to the winemakers and know the interesting stories behind the creation of the wine bottle. You can also ask them about the styles, type of grapes used in wine, the regions from where they are taken, and so on.

  1. Don’t hog around the booth

Don’t gather around the wine stall or the spit bucket, to make an unwanted crowd. Take your glass and move away, leaving the space for others to avoid any jostling. Carry out the conversation with winemaker while standing a step aside from the booth.

  1. Have fun

Don’t take the wine tasting so serious; it will make you feel bored. Remember to spend a good time and have a little fun there.