Alcohol and Wine Delivery Service Singapore

Just like any other items today, it is now also possible to deliver alcohol right to your doorstep. With reliable alcohol delivery providers in Singapore, you’ll be able to get a hold of your preferred alcohol any time and any day. So how can you determine which among the many providers can give you the best experience?

Variety of Options

It’s necessary to look for an alcohol delivery supplier who can provide you with a wide range of options for alcoholic drinks. Choose one which many consider as the go-to liquor store in the whole of Singapore. Their store should be able to provide you with various options for vodka, rum, gin, cognac, whiskey, champagne, beer, tequila and others. Their offers should also be from some of the most reputable brands. That way, you’ll never have to worry about not finding your preferred brand and drink.

Ease of Access and Ordering Process

The best alcohol delivery service in Singapore is one which does not require you to undergo complicated ordering process. They should also be easy to access. For instance, they should have a website where you can easily choose your preferred alcohol or a contact number that you can easily get in touch to, so you can have your drink delivered in no time. Just make sure that you also contact your chosen delivery store one day prior to your preferred schedule of delivery. This is necessary in allowing the staff to prepare your orders and ensure their safe delivery.

Extensive Experience

You have to look for a supplier, which already has a lot of experience in the field. They should already be exposed to alcohol delivery on various occasions. This is essential if you’re planning to acquire their services for a special occasion, like a corporate event, wedding reception, product launch, beach party, exhibit or shop opening. Their extensive experience in serving clients on various occasions makes them capable of providing you with what you need. There is even a great chance that you can enjoy some of their valuable inclusions like ice, ice boxes and bulk discounts.

We are your One-stop Alcohol Provider in Singapore

If you’re searching for the things mentioned above, then we are definitely the ultimate solution. We focus on delivering alcohol or wine in a number of places that you live in Singapore. Being the main source of all things related to alcohol and known for on-time delivery, we can ensure you that you’ll get what you truly deserve from hiring our services. Our focus is on efficiency, quality and punctuality, so expect your chosen liquors to arrive safely at your preferred destination on time. We are able to accept new order now. Please let us know the age of the wine (vintage).

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What Are Our Customer Said ?

Reasonable price and fast delivery, even though it is peak hour. They have wide range of wine for selection, and they have Korean Soju and Japanese Sake too!

Lee Kit Wing

Really enjoy attending their wine tasting event. Their staff is very knowledgeable for all kind of red wine, white white. Really appreciated!

Serene Chin

I attended their new Red Wine (7Miles) launch in Batam Convention Centre in Dec 2016. I like the sweetness of this brand. I will buy it as Wedding Wine for my daughter this coming August 2017.

Budi Widjaya (Batam)

Came across their booth during Bridal Show at Radisson Golf & Convention Center Batam. I tried a brand called 7Miles (red wine) and I love it very much, it is sweet and mild. Suitable for those who like “sweet” wine.

Lily Setiadi (Batam)

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Do you provide delivery to Sentosa Island
Do I need to sign up a contract to made an order ?

No sign up or downloading of app required.

How do I order ?

1) select the type of wine, sake, Korean soju, ale, spirits, beer or champgane that you preferred.
2) add to cart , occassion (own comsumption , business project, company function or events, corporate gifts or for party ), available date and make payment.
3) we shall deliver your orders to your door step in next 48 hours.

Drinking Advise and Important Tip

Please do not drive if you drink more than 1 bottle of wine. If you found drinking above legal limit of 35 microgrammes, it is a drink-driving offence in Singapore. You are advised to take a taxi.

Transportation and Wine Delivery

We delivery 7 days a week ( from Monday to Sunday ), please book in 5 days in advance and we will inform you the actual delivery date and time.